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Sunday, 9 February 2014


Ⓗⓔⓨ ⓕⓔⓛⓛⓞⓦ ⓟⓔⓞⓟⓛⓔ! :)
Ⓘ'ⓜ ⓢⓞ ⓓⓐⓜⓝ ⓞⓑⓢⓔⓢⓢⓔⓓ ⓦⓘⓣⓗ Ⓢⓗⓔⓡⓛⓞⓒⓚ ⓐⓣ ⓣⓗⓔ ⓜⓞⓜⓔⓝⓣ hehe :B

✩Ⓐⓝⓨⓦⓐⓨ, ⓗⓔⓡⓔ'ⓢ Ⓕⓔⓑⓡⓤⓐⓡⓨ ⓛⓞⓞⓚⓢ! ✩

Item of the month: Heart Cheeks - 275sc
This really cute and sporty look is awesome if you want to have a jock-style look! Perfect for the hot sun but cold wind days at the moment!
Items: Starting with NON-VIP
: Freckles - 450sc, Diamond Choker - 50sc, Goldielocks (hair) - 600, Flower Princess (hairband) - 375sc
VIP items: Bubblegum - 300sc, Miss Cozy (clothes) - 600sc, super Soccer (shoes) - 450sc.
Total: 2825sc.

This Cinderella-inspired outfit is super cute and awesome if you're going to a blue-wedding or to someone's party!
Items: Starting with NON-VIP: Cowgirl Headband - 350sc, Freckles - 450sc, Face Glitter - 375, Thick Lashes - 500sc.
VIP Items: Curly Diva (hair) - 450sc, Ballerinas (shoes) - 375sc.
Rares: Dress - 500sc.
Total: 2500sc, since dress is unavailable to buy since it's a rare :)

This rain-coloured outfit is wild and stylish! Super amazing if you're going out or hanging out at the mall or shopping centre! :) Your friends will be blown away by your style!#
Items: Starting with NON-VIP : Turnaround Tail (hair) - 500sc, Freckles - 450sc, Fuuuurfect - 375sc.
VIP Items: Sheer Shirt - 400sc, Heart Cheeks - 275sc, Deerstalker Hat  - 375sc, Denim Darling - 400sc.
Total: 2775

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Water Trickling Down...❤

Hi people! I haven't posted in sooo long because we studying for GCSE options ahaaa... anyway on with today's post! Also the power keeps cutting because of the really bad weather 

So what did everyone think of the level booster? I'm now Level 16, but Ishacool is Level 71!!

I'm going to start doing Item of the Month !
 This months item:  Fuuuurfect - 375sc :) Total essential for cold weather like Uggs!

Yellow is totally in this season! Everyone's wearing it! ;) This totally cute Pikachu outfit will get any guys heart racing!♥ With only 2 VIP items you can buy this immediately! :D 
Items: Starting with NON-VIP: Spiderleg Lashes - 300sc, Fake Hearts Tattoo - 150sc, Fake Stars Tattoo - 150sc, Star Tattoo (on face)  - 300sc, Fuuuurfect - 375sc, Glam Sleeves - 350sc, Pry Pants - 450sc, Super Cute (top) - 400sc
VIP Items: Kawaii bunny (Hat/ Kawaii means cute :3) - 300sc, Tinted Bundles (hair) - 500sc.

Total: 3275sc

This aqua-marine style outfit is so cute for girls who wants to make a bold, but HOT statement! Blue and white colours matching :)
Items: Starting with NON-VIP: Freckles - 450, Thick Lashes - 500sc, Seashell Sandy (pants) - 375sc,  X-mas Party (necklace) - Platin Ringlets - 600sc, Marine Colored (bracelets) - 350sc,  Bow Earrings - 200sc.
VIP Items: coral Cutie (dress) - 550sc.
Total:  3875sc

This cutey girl outfit for gangstas is so cool (sorry the eyes are closed lol)This outfit has a couple of rares , I'm trying to cut back on  using rares in looks and if I do they're in commonly used colours btw (✿◠‿◠)
Items: Starting with NON-VIP: Bling Bow (top) - 350sc, Stars Fake Tattoo - 150sc, Freckles - 450sc, Princess Toes - 350sc, Heart Mole - 225sc
VIP Items; Lethal Leather (shorts) - 300sc, Rock Star Fever (hair) - 500sc
Total: 2775sc.

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee guys! 

Also btw, add me level 10+ ! :)Also, I love Totoro! LOL xD

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2O14 Stunners!

Welcome to 2O14!Hope y'all have a really good year! I'm gonna start doing shout-outs for people who gives me wishy's, gifts and autographs regularly  [≧ω≦]
So, first people getting shout-outs:
 Jacksgap8 - for always being nice

Rocky5445 - for being an amazing friend

And finally, coolio 12340 - for being always nice and straight up perfect ahaha :D

This unicorn-style outfit is SO cute! :D This contains all non VIP items! It's so cool for non-VIP's who want to look cool, even though it's totally non-VIP!
Items:  Freckles - 450sc, Darling Dots (top) - 350sc, Turn it Up (hair) - 500sc, Fierce Cut-Offs - 450sc, Suspenders - 300sc, Heart Mole - 225sc, Polycorn - 300sc, Fuuuurfect (shoes) - 375sc.
Total: 2950sc
This soft lilac and white outfit, made up from rares and non-VIP items is super cute and amazing for girly-girls :').
Items: Star Bright (earrings) - 300sc, Breezy Bun - 500sc, Little Red Bow - 250sc, Stars Fake Tattoo - 150sc, Freckles - 450sc, Princess Toes (shoes) - 350sc, Girly Skirt - 500sc, The Secretary - 350sc.
Total: 2850sc. 

This outfit, my favourite was one that a friend made and I bought it, and changed the colours slightly. It reminds me of those Fruit Salad sweets (✿◠‿◠)!! :D
 You can find this on my account: Bailey Summers


Sunday, 29 December 2013

New Year!

It's nearly the New Year :3 I got more 3 months VIP, so I'll be making lotsa new looks with my new clothes, but I can't buy my own looks so I have to track down the items which is really time-consuming, so I think I'll just stick to using my looks that I've made of Friends! :D Hope you like the new music on the blog, and I'm trying to change the cursor as well, but it's really hard so please be patient :'')

This purple outfit is so sparkly! Add a bit of glamour into your life by wearing this! :D
Items: Starting with NON-VIP: Freckles - 450sc, Ginger Stars (earrings) - 400sc.
VIP items: Jolly Satin (dress) - 550sc, Blue Pearl (shoes) - 550sc
Diamond Items: Lovely Holiday (hair) - 3 Diamonds.
Total: 3 Diamonds and 1950sc.
This uber-naughty outfit is amazing, with a black and white co-ordination, the yes are a very dark green colour and her mouth a bronze-pink, the tanned skin makes the black and white stand out a lot! If you're planning to go hipster, or be part of a cool gang then THIS is the look for you! ?It contains some rares, but in colours this common you probably have them!
Items: (starting with NON-VIP) : Spiderleg Lashes - 300sc, Princess Toes (shoes) - 350sc, Hearts Fake Tattoo
- 150sc, Striped Eye (eye scar ^-^)  - 100sc, The Secretary (top) - 350sc.
VIP items: Denim Darling (shorts) - 400sc, Sweetheart Braid (hair) - 500sc.

Total: 2150sc.

Anyway, hope y'all have a happy new years eve and day! I will probably post another post in 1-2 weeks time from now:)
Don't forget to add me! : Bailey Summers


Friday, 13 December 2013

Friday The 13th Cute Outfits ツ

Friday the 13th :o 


Such a  spooky day today :D What are you gonna do? Comment below :D Also please comment down below your blog (if you have one) for msp, and your msp name! Mine is: Bailey Summers 
Add me, I accept all!
Going onto the awesome outfits . .  .  . . :P
This little prom outfit is awesome if you're having a party, with purple and white as a colour scheme and the salmon-pink lips to make the outfit look more vibrant! :3Items: Starting with NON-VIP: Feathers (earrings) - 200 sc, Breezy Bun - 500 sc, Geometric Girl (pants) - 450, Golden Heart (necklace) - 350 sc.
VIP items: Ballerinas (shoes) - 375 sc, Designer Ears - 200 sc, Paradise Party (dress) - 500 sc.
Total: 2575 sc.

This devilish outfit is SO cute, perfect for adventurous girls in rock bands, This outfit has lots of basic things you need when you get VIP for outfits, such as spider-leg lashes. So I recommend buying this when you can :)
Items: Starting with NON-VIP : Devil horns - 150 sc, spider leg lashes - 300 sc, Freckles - 450 sc, Star Studs - 300 sc.
VIP items: Rocker Tattoo - 400sc, Urban Tracks (shoes) - 400sc, Ripped (leggings) - 250, Sideswept Wildfire (hair) - 400sc, Lambada Dress - 400sc.
Total: 3050 sc
This final outfit is a cute little number with a Halloween-feel , like a Bloody Mary outfit. With a BOO-TIFUL feel to it! Perfect for partying and going to an evening out with ghoulish friends >:3 I love this so much and some of the items are on my wishlist right now! If you want to see them: Bailey Summers
Items: Starting with non-vip: Bat Earrings - 300 sc, Sweet Lace (dress) - 750 sc, Skyline High (shoes) - 500 sc, Dazzling Mercury (shorts underneath dress) - 475 sc.
VIP items: Cute Hair bunches - 375 sc, Chunky Heart - 300 sc.
Diamond items: Lovely Holiday (hair) - 3 Diamonds.

Hope you will check out these outfits! They're all on my 'By Bailey Summers of others' Tab for looks!Name:  Bailey Summers  By the way, everything I post on here are my own designs ; I pick a friend from my friends list and make an outfit for them, I don't copy or use already made outfits :). This is a little different because today is Friday the 13th, but I've still put a little Christmas spirit :) I'll try to do more posts as it leads up to Christmas! Love y'all! 

Thursday, 12 December 2013

❤ !December Fashion! ❤

December Fashion

I haven't posted in soooooooooooooooo long but recently I've started getting more popular and my blog got over 1,000 views! :D

So I decided to restart blogging so here you go :3

This really cute outfit titled 'Nip in a rosebud' Has a spring-sense to it, and looks cheerful and happy - I love it sooo much! The hair with different colours in and the shoes matching the roses, finishing with a piece of bubblegum the background colour of the dress :)Items : Starting with non VIP items : Fuuuurfect (shoes) - 375sc, Bubblicious (bubblegum) - 400sc.
VIP items: Rainbow Pop (hair) - 600sc, Delicate Rose (dress) - 400sc. In total this outfit is only 1775sc, and you can add or take anything and mix and match different colours :D

This Athena-Goddess style outfit is for any girl who wants to looks like an angel, the white contrasting with the hair colour and make-up, also the skin-tone as well :P
Items: Starting with non-VIP: Princess Toes (shoes) - 350sc, Chevron Bottoms (pants) - 375sc.
VIP items: Crowned Wonder (hair) - 600sc, Superstar Sleeves - 350sc, Bubblegum - 300sc.
Diamond Item: Classy Doll (dress) 6 diamonds.

This outfit is full of rares with only the hair (Messy Paranormal) and the Freckles (Freckles) as normal everyday items you can buy. On Wednesday in November they had a full week of letting everyone buy as many rares as they want including Princess Toes, Cute Frills and tattoos.
Items : Starting with non VIP  Hearts Fake Tattoo - 150sc, Messy Paranormal - 500sc, Princess Toes - 350sc, Flower - 150sc, The Secretary (top) - 300sc, Freckles - 450sc.
VIP items: Cute Frills - 300sc.
Total: 2200sc

This party jamming outfit is amazing and red and white themed, perfect for party girls who are girly with a bit of a wild side! Filled with candy-cane themed colours this outfit is full of cute VIP items, so if you're going to get VIP soon make sure you get this totally perfect outfit!
Items: Starting with non VIP:  Dotted Butterfly (bow) - 300sc, Holiday Dance (dress) - 450sc, Turn It Up (hair) - 500sc.
VIP items: Heart Cheeks - 275sc, Furries (shoes) - 350sc, Tiger Ears - 350sc.
Total: 2225sc

Thanks for reading ... <- aha :p 
I'm no longer doing using my youtube channel (baileysummersonmsp) because I made more than 120 videos but I felt that I wasn't getting enough views for the time I put in to be worth it...
Yeah so anyway, I'll try to do a weekly blog every month and maybe 2 per season :D

Monday, 6 May 2013

Latest Spring Breeze Fashion

Hey people! I've figured out that I will do a new post every 2-3 days, as doing this everyday, I will simply run out of looks! Haha <3 , so without further ado I present .... Spring Breeze Fashion!!
This hot diva outfit is mostly VIP, but a few items are VIP such as: Face Lightning (Black 200sc), Harlequin Bow (Black and White 300sc) , Big baggy Scarf (White 350sc) and the Rocker Tattoo (Black 400sc) . This whole outfit has two rares which are : The top (British Punk 400sc) and the Hearts Tattoo 150sc. This outfit plus VIP items costs 3025sc! But without VIP items, plus rares means this outfit is only 1775sc :3

This simple but effective look has two main theme colours: White and blue, this outfit has a rare which is the Shirtingsuit (Blue top 350sc - Non VIP) , there are three VIP items in this outfit ; Dip Dye Waves (white and blonde hair 400sc ) , Lethal Leather (Blue and white patterned shorts 300sc) and the Furries (blue and white shoes 350sc) In total, with all VIP items this look is 1,750sc, the cheapest yet :3 , but without all the vip items this outfit is ONLY 700SC! OMG xD

This Gothic black outfit is perfect for any girls who like to show that they're not softies, that they are dangerous and naughty !! :'] 75% of this outfit is VIP : Sunny Sorbet (Black/Brown Hair 400sc) , Frilly fantasy (Black/White Dress 400sc) , Bubblegum (Black 300sc) , Raw and Ripped ( Black jeans 450sc) and the Star Bow (White Bow 300sc) .  On the whole this outfit costs 2850, quite a bargain! :3 . Without all the VIP items this outfit is barely 1000sc!
This cute outfit consists of a rare, 3 different main theme colours and shading!! Perfect for a VIP girl! Only 2 of these items are VIP  The Big and Snuggly (grey scarf 375sc) and Rocker Tattoos (Black , on sides of arms 400sc)  This whole outfit, plus VIP items and the rare Princess Toes (Shoes: 250sc) is 2650sc, VERY cheap, but without the VIP items and the rare shoes, this outfit is only 1625sc, nearly 1,000sc off! ;')❤Thats all from me today! My next post will be on Wednesday ! <3 Cya