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Saturday, 20 December 2014

December Love

Hey guys so it's December and this is my favorite time of year because school's out and you can sit at home all day drinking hot chocolate and playing Just Dance with my friends :D

Here are some super cute festive looks that'll make you wish it was Christmas already! 

Item of the month: Princess Toes - 350sc.
These shoes go with everything, and you can change the color to no matter what! Making them a shade lighter than your overall outfit makes them a mutual asset that is easy on the eyes are super cute!

Thanks to MSP for making looks available to download - it's so much easier and quicker to save my favorite looks now!

This first look is something that is definitely going on my wishlist - the red holly dress and white theme throughout. And the only VIP item on this look is the extra hat so you can buy it whenever!
Non-VIP Items: Thick Lashes - 500sc,Golden X-Mas (necklace) - 350sc, XMas Ball (dress) - 3000sc, Hearts Fake Tattoo - 150sc, Freckles - 450sc, Princess Toes - 350sc.
VIP-Items: Christmas Deluxe (hat) - 350sc.
Diamond Item: Red Darling (hair) - 6 Diamonds.Total without VIP: 4800sc and 6 Diamonds.
Total Overall: 5150sc and 6 Diamonds.
This super swaggy Elsa-inspired look is a fresh and original slumber party outfit perfect for going out or staying in!The tartan checkered leggings add a nice flash of color, matched with purple laced shoes!
Non-VIP Items: Freckles - 450sc, Wedding Silk (top) - 600sc, Keep Me Warm (shoulder shrug) - 450sc, Tartan Treat (leggings) - 500sc, Cutie (shoes) - 525 sc, 80s Classic (hair) - 450sc.
VIP-Items: Snowflake Muffs - 375sc, Teardrop Elegance (earrings) - 300sc.

Total without VIP: 2975sc.
Total Overall: 3650sc.

A cute but simple bear look that will just be a super sweet trend this winter! The white and pink mash with blonde hair is just so eye-catching and nice!
Non-VIP Items: Evening Stroll (scarf) - 350sc, Silky and Sassy (hair) - 600sc, Winter Cheeks - 350sc, Geometric Skirt - 500sc.
VIP-Items: Navajo Crop (top) - 350sc, Cute Hairbunches - 375sc, Urban Tracks (shoes) - 400sc, Bubblegum - 300sc.

Total without VIP: 1800sc.
Total Overall: 3625sc.

I hope you all have a merry Christmas! 

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Party Fashion Edition

Hey guys! Just because Halloween has finished, doesn't mean you can't still party! Wooow! What are you going to be? Leave me a comment below! :D

Item of the month: Turn It Up (hair). 

I love this because I feel like every single girl user on Moviestarplanet has it ;)
This fresh bunny look is super cute and so stylish with the whole blue theme and tanned skin-tone :D.
Non-VIP Items: Tear-drop - 150sc, Suspenders - 300sc, Leather Fandango (shorts) - 350sc, Punk Ear Studs - 300sc, Freckles - 450sc, Hearts Fake Tattoo - 150sc, Marine Coloured ( bracelet) - 350sc, Dragon Cuts - 300sc, Sunny Breeze (top) - 350sc.
VIP-Items: Urban Tracks (shoes) - 400sc, Rainbow Pop (hair) - 600sc, Furry Mouse Ears - 300sc.
Overall without VIP: 2700sc.
Overall: 4000sc.

I spy a party! What are you going as for your party? ;) Maybe try out this cute Disney-princess like look. Peach pink and blond hair, with smoky eye make-up and thick black mascara/eye-liner. Beautiful! All Non-VIP and the dress is a diamond item ;)
Non-VIP Items: Thick lashes - 500sc, Freckles - 450sc, Sweet Updo - 575sc, Hair Dazzle - 400sc, Satin Glam - 400sc, Heavy Diamonds - 375sc.
Diamond Item: Satin Love (dress) - 6 diamonds.
Total: 2700sc and 6 diamonds.

This super sweet punk style twist is like a long-haired version of Miley now, with spiked biker boots and wavy rocker hair, this look will be on any partyers wishlist!
Non-VIP Items: Teardrop - 150sc, Spiderleg Lashes - 300sc, Freckles - 450sc, Me-ow! (top) - 450sc, Pool Denims (shorts) - 450sc.
VIP Items: Goth Platforms (shoes) - 500sc, Rocker Tattoo - 400sc, Flower Love (choker necklace) - 350sc, Dip Dye Waves (hair) - 400sc.
Total without VIP-Items: 1800sc.
Overall: 3450sc.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Halloween Outfits!

Hey guys! It's Halloween next week so here are some of the most awesome outfits for you guys to wear ranging from; cute, geeky and cool to dark, mischievous and creepy :) 

If you want to buy any of these outfits then please go onto my account on MSP and click on 'Looks By Bailey Summers Of Others'. :D

Item of the month: Rocker Tattoos.
Rocker Tattoos are totally in this season with all the Halloween outfits around and also Bonfire Night parties are just around the corner so these trendy things will be a perfect asset to your rocker-chic outfit!

Love crazy, cute, quirky colours? Then this outfit is totally perfect for you! A super sweet mixture of geek and cool - totally trendy! The black glasses and thick lashes totally seal the deal in this lovely outfit :D This outfit is super expensive though so you better save up!
Non-VIP Items: Thick Lashes - 500sc, Nerds - 1000sc, Adorable Dots - 275sc, Safe In Time - 300sc.
VIP-Items: MSP Kicks - 450sc, Cyberlicious - 500sc, Tinted Tips - 500sc.

Total without VIP Items: 2075sc.
Overall: 3525sc.

This cute cat outfit is totally cool for going Trick-Or-Treating! :D Or maybe for a super sweet Halloween party!
Non-VIP Items: Secret Safari (top) - 500sc, Geometric Skirt - 500sc, Street Walker - 500sc, Silk And Sassy (hair) - 600sc, Dangle Pearls (necklace) - 350sc.
Diamond Item: Tiger Ears - 2 Diamonds.

Total: 2450 and 2 Diamonds.
I am totally in love with this rocker-chic devil-girl outfit! The red and black with the bright pop from the blonde hair goes so perfect together, it looks perfect on anyone with the smoky black make-up look!
Non-VIP Items: Basic Tights - 400sc, School Backpack - 400sc, Halo - 300sc, Freckles - 450sc, Fuuuurfect - 375sc, Rock Glam (hair) - 500sc.
VIP-Items: Rocker Tattoos - 400sc, Miss Cozy (outfit) - 600sc.
Total VIP-Items: 2425sc.
Overall: 3425sc.
This creepy outfit kind of reminds me of a Fallen Angel, with the winged shoes and black/navy blue colour trend here. All of this totally cool as it's only non-VIP Items apart from the Tiger Ears and Rocker Tattoos! :D
Non-VIP Items: Teardrop - 150sc, Spiderleg Lashes - 300sc, Freckles - 450sc, Fly Party (shoes) - 550sc, Urban Roar (outfit) - 500sc, Wavy Girl (hair) - 500sc.
VIP-Items: Rocker Tattoo - 400sc, Tiger Ears - 350sc.

Total VIP Items: 2450sc.
Total overall: 3200sc.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Fall Outfits

Hey guys! It's fall! My favourite time of the month! :D It was rares week on Moviestarplanet last week so I hoped you all stocked up on them rares! XD

Item of the month: Woolly Cuteness. 
These shoes are really nice and biker-like! They're so fashionable and you can change all parts of it to your favourite colour/s :)I have so many different outfits with these boots in different colours like: black and white, purple and black, blue and green. So pretty! :D

I love this punk-rock look! The red hair contrasts so well against the black and white hipster-like clothing :) The butterfly is a rare by the way ;)
VIP Items: Big Baggy Scarf - 350sc, Striped Glitter (top) - 400sc, Silver Spikes (hairband) - 400sc, Denim Darling (shorts) - 400sc.
Non-VIP Items: Butterfly - 100sc, Woolly Cuteness - 475sc, Heart Mole - 225sc, Gothica (hair) - 500sc.
Total without VIP: 1300sc.
Total: 2850sc.

This green-eyed-monster look is just simply perfect for people who are Non-VIP as there's only one VIP item (tiger ears) and it can be easily swapped out :) I also added in some floral shorts that are just so eye-catching!
VIP Item: Tiger Ears - 350sc.
Non-VIP Items: Basic Summer Top - 300sc, Spiderleg Lashes - 300sc, Like A Royal (earrings) - 350sc, Peace Out (necklace) - 350sc, Winter Cheeks - 350sc, Soft Waves (hair) - 550sc, Spring Shorts - 425sc, Hearts Fake Tattoo - 150sc, Fuuuurfect (shoes) - 375sc.

Total without VIP: 3200sc.
Total: 3550sc.

This Gothic look is really cool for upcoming Halloween parties! There's no VIP items so anyone can buy it :D
Non-VIP Items: Walk The Line (shoes) - 530sc, Adorable Dots (bow) - 275sc, Norse Hammer (necklace) - 300sc, Nordic Beauty (skirt) - 450sc, Dragon Warrior (top) - 900sc, Groovy Bun - 400sc, Ying/Yang Tattoo - 100sc, Mermaid Fake Tattoo - 150sc, Fake Nose Ring - 50sc, Spiderleg Lashes - 300sc.
Total: 3455sc.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

August Furniture Haul

I've been posting lots of clothing, so I thought maybe I should post some rooms as well that are fabulous and really nicely themed. I'll also try and find most (if not all) the items and the prices in the room for you - enjoy! :)

This first room is by Bubblebath123. His style of bright popping colours mean you have to look a the whole room and see if it works - which it does! :D
He uses: 2 Break Dance Not Hearts banners and the Football TV's from levelling up (the gifts), Rococo Staircase VIP - 300sc.

So this is Cutie Toot's room, it's symmetrical on either side and have a candy-blue-and-pink theme going on.
I really like the colour choices because if it was that shade of pink with black or white it would look either washed out or too light.

She uses: 2 Royal Flaming chairs - 225sc, 1 Boonie Blanket - 240sc, 2 Rococo Windows - 350sc, 2 Nouveau Table - 150sc, 2 Deluxe Bed 400sc, 2 Room Award Plaques and 1 lips/heart sofa which I couldn't find :)

This is my bedroom on msp and I tried to go for a plum, red and white colour :) Plum and red are quite similar, but dark colours so I mixed in some white and the coloured pillows, and also the green-leaved plant to make their own colours pop.
I used: Hearts Sack -400sc, Kitty Clock - 350sc, Kiss Phone - 300sc, Pillow Dreams - 240sc, Classic Drawers - 250sc, My Desk - 300sc, Luxury Plant - 200sc, Sweet Dreams - 350sc, Fairy Lights - 225sc.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Summer Holidays!

It's the summer holidays!

User of the month: Clover2121. She's been spamming me with loves on my looks and giving me autograph's all the time :D And she also levelled up too! She's such a nice person so I totally think you should add her and like her beautiful looks (I've bought a few of them ;) )

Item of the month: Geo Skirt. I love Geo Skirts, they go with everything even if they're not the same colour as everything else in an outfit and they're so casual and cute. One time I saw someone with a long white top and a white Geo Skirt and it looked like a dress :O It was SO cool! They also look really good with Princess Toes too :) They're such a classic piece of a Moviestar's wardrobe and every girl should have one! :D

Summer is a time for bright, cute colours such as yellows, oranges, reds, and corals. So now, this combination of red-and-white, cute-and-cool outfit is really cute for going out on the beach chat rooms with your friends :) The top is slightly lighter than the skirt to make a nice contrast so the whole outfit in't too loud. 
NON-VIP Items: The only one in this whole outfit is the hair called Kiss Kiss Bang. I suppose the hair colour in this outfit could be any apart from red, yellow, or orange :3
VIP Items: Sprinkly Carnival (the collar) - 250sc, Heart Cheeks - 275sc, Ballerinas (shoes, they absolutely HAVE to be the opposite colour to your main outfit! Swap them out for Princess Toes too if you like) 375sc, Tiger Ears 350sc, Topsy (the top, it doesn't matter if it's on the darkest shade of red, it'll always look lighter!) - 350sc, Geometric Skirt (This month's Item of the Month!!) - 500sc. 

Overall without VIP Items: 500sc.
Overall with VIP-Items: 2600sc.

The top kinda reminds me of the football for some reason ;). Anyway, here is my light pink and dark pink contrast outfit that is lush for girly sports fans for the World Cup. I love the little bow in the hair and the thick eyeliner around the eyes d#so you still notice the blues :) Most of this outfit NON-VIP apart from the shorts and hair but you can easily swap for something maybe even better :D
NON-VIP Items: Thick Lashes - 500sc, Freckles (make them the colour of your top!) - 450sc, Pool Chillax (top) - 450sc, Espadrillos (shoes) - 425sc, Cancer Mark (birthsign) - 175sc, Pretty Corsage - 350sc.
VIP-Items: Denim Darling(shorts) - 400sc, Retro Glam (hair) - 525sc.

Overall without VIP-Items: 2250sc.
Overall with VIP-Items: 3175sc. :)

Calling all NON-VIP Moviestar's to this beautiful Hawaiian outfit! Absolutely no VIP Items or rares! Just one diamond item and that is the hair! But it can easily be swapped for a bun or ponytail style! :) This outfit looks like it's really expensive and VIP-like but it's really not! :D It's all under 2000sc! :OOO:O:O:O:O:O I bought this all the minute I created the look! 
Items: Flip Flop Flow - 500sc, Sweet Aloha (skirt) - 450sc, Lei Bikini (top) - 400sc, Rose Crown - 350sc, Tribal Tattoo - 50sc.
Diamond Item: Mile High Bun - 6 Diamonds. :)

Overall: 1750sc and 6 Diamonds! :D

As always, all the looks can be found in my ''By Bailey Summers of others'' on my moviestarplanet.co.uk account: Bailey Summers :) Please feel free to buy them and add me :D

Saturday, 26 July 2014

My Looks!

Here are my most loved looks I wear often :D

To buy them, go onto my Moviestarplanet account: Bailey Summers
and look through my looks (there's a lot of them! xD) and select which you want to purchase :P