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Thursday, 14 August 2014

August Furniture Haul

I've been posting lots of clothing, so I thought maybe I should post some rooms as well that are fabulous and really nicely themed. I'll also try and find most (if not all) the items and the prices in the room for you - enjoy! :)
This first room is by Bubblebath123. His style of bright popping colours mean you have to look a the whole room and see if it works - which it does! :DHe uses: 2 Break Dance Not Hearts banners and the Football TV's from levelling up (the gifts), Rococo Staircase VIP - 300sc.

So this is Cutie Toot's room, it's symmetrical on either side and have a candy-blue-and-pink theme going on.
I really like the colour choices because if it was that shade of pink with black or white it would look either washed out or too light.

She uses: 2 Royal Flaming chairs - 225sc, 1 Boonie Blanket - 240sc, 2 Rococo Windows - 350sc, 2 Nouveau Table - 150sc, 2 Deluxe Bed 400sc, 2 Room Award Plaques and 1 lips/heart sofa which I couldn't find :)

This is my bedroom on msp and I tried to go for a plum, red and white colour :) Plum and red are quite similar, but dark colours so I mixed in some white and the coloured pillows, and also the green-leaved plant to make their own colours pop.
I used: Hearts Sack -400sc, Kitty Clock - 350sc, Kiss Phone - 300sc, Pillow Dreams - 240sc, Classic Drawers - 250sc, My Desk - 300sc, Luxury Plant - 200sc, Sweet Dreams - 350sc, Fairy Lights - 225sc.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Summer Holidays!

It's the summer holidays! (I finished school yesterday - yay! :D)
User of the month: Clover2121. She's been spamming me with loves on my looks and giving me autograph's all the time :D And she also levelled up too! She's such a nice person so I totally think you should add her and like her beautiful looks (I've bought a few of them ;) )
Item of the month: Geo Skirt. I love Geo Skirts, they go with everything even if they're not the same colour as everything else in an outfit and they're so casual and cute. One time I saw someone with a long white top and a white Geo Skirt and it looked like a dress :O It was SO cool! They also look really good with Princess Toes too :) They're such a classic piece of a Moviestar's wardrobe and every girl should have one! :D

The top kinda reminds me of the football for some reason ;). Anyway, here is my light pink and dark pink contrast outfit that is lush for girly sports fans for the World Cup. I love the little bow in the hair and the thick eyeliner around the eyes d#so you still notice the blues :) Most of this outfit NON-VIP apart from the shorts and hair but you can easily swap for something maybe even better :D
NON-VIP Items: Thick Lashes - 500sc, Freckles (make them the colour of your top!) - 450sc, Pool Chillax (top) - 450sc, Espadrillos (shoes) - 425sc, Cancer Mark (birthsign) - 175sc, Pretty Corsage - 350sc.
VIP-Items: Denim Darling(shorts) - 400sc, Retro Glam (hair) - 525sc.
Overall without VIP-Items: 2250sc.
Overall with VIP-Items: 3175sc. :)

Calling all NON-VIP Moviestar's to this beautiful Hawaiian outfit! Absolutely no VIP Items or rares! Just one diamond item and that is the hair! But it can easily be swapped for a bun or ponytail style! :) This outfit looks like it's really expensive and VIP-like but it's really not! :D It's all under 2000sc! :OOO:O:O:O:O:O I bought this all the minute I created the look! 
Items: Flip Flop Flow - 500sc, Sweet Aloha (skirt) - 450sc, Lei Bikini (top) - 400sc, Rose Crown - 350sc, Tribal Tattoo - 50sc. 
Diamond Item: Mile High Bun - 6 Diamonds. :)
Overall: 1750sc and 6 Diamonds! :D
Summer is a time for bright, cute colours such as yellows, oranges, reds, and corals. So now, this combination of red-and-white, cute-and-cool outfit is really cute for going out on the beach chat rooms with your friends :) The top is slightly lighter than the skirt to make a nice contrast so the whole outfit in't too loud.
NON-VIP Items: The only one in this whole outfit is the hair called Kiss Kiss Bang. I suppose the hair colour in this outfit could be any apart from red, yellow, or orange :3
VIP Items: Sprinkly Carnival (the collar) - 250sc, Heart Cheeks - 275sc, Ballerinas (shoes, they absolutely HAVE to be the opposite colour to your main outfit! Swap them out for Princess Toes too if you like) 375sc, Tiger Ears 350sc, Topsy (the top, it doesn't matter if it's on the darkest shade of red, it'll always look lighter!) - 350sc, Geometric Skirt (This month's Item of the Month!!) - 500sc.
Overall without VIP Items: 500sc.
Overall with VIP-Items: 2600sc.

As always, all the looks can be found in my ''By Bailey Summers of others'' on my moviestarplanet.co.uk account: Bailey Summers :) Please feel free to buy them and add me :D

Saturday, 26 July 2014

My Looks!

So it was my birthday yesterday and I got a laptop so I'll be able to post more! :) 

It was 37 degrees today ughhh -_-

So this post is just showing my most worn looks in my wardrobe :3 please go to my moviestarplanet account @BaileySummers and look through my looks if you want to buy them :3333

Weddings or Parties

Friends Rooms Visits or Chat Rooms

Going Out or Playing Games

Chatrooms like Skate Park, YouTube or High School

Movies and Art Books 

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Brazilian Summer Looks...♡

World Cup in Brazil!!! Woooooo! 

Soooo... I'm back ;). Getting loads of friend requests from you guys! Feel free to drop me a message, or a request to make me a look of you! :) 

Item of the month: Battle Marks.
Battle Marks are used in loads of outfits and are really good if you're going for a rebel or punk look. they complete any look because they're perfect and make your outfit stand out, especially if you get them in a contrasting colour (Black outfit, white battle marks or grey). They also make your cheeks look really small and cute. Overall amazing!

User of the month: nannymarine (i got locked out). She is an amazing person, true inspiration to me as she recently had a bit of trouble but is so strong! 

On with the looks!
So this purple beauty reminds of me of the pictures I see of people going to high school in the 1990's, anyone else get that feeling? With the hair and the fluffy jumper and the backpack? Anyway, it's really cute and the different shades of purple compliment each other quite nicely :3. The fringe is sooooo nice and I love the white contrast from the belt. Purple is such a summer colour!
Items (starting with NON-VIP): Cropped Fluff (jumper) - 500sc, Tie Dye Backpack - 475, Fuuuurfect (shoes) - 375scVIP Items: Tartan Tutu (skirt) - 375sc, Easter Right (hair) - 500sc.
Total without VIP Items: 1350sc
Total with VIP Items: 2225sc
This Brazilian-obsessed outfit is perfect for when having a World Cup party in your room - or somebody else's! The yellow pineapples on the shirt are so cute and the green sparkly shoes bring the tone down a bit so your eyes don't go CRAZYYYYYYYY
Items (starting with non-VIP): Battle Marks - 200sc, Party Parade (shoes) - 450sc, Club Tropicana (top) - 350sc, Charmer (hair) - 550sc, Geometric Skirt - 500sc.
VIP Items: Star Bow - 300sc, Diamond Fruits (earrings) - 300sc, Ice Cool (necklaces) - 250sc.
Total without VIP items: 2350sc
Total with VIP items: 2900sc

Because it's really hot in the UK at the moment, I find myself wearing white (black absorbs heat - Science lesson for you!). And also because it's like Spring's national colour. No idea if it is, but that's the colour everyone wears during Spring-Summer, especially lace like lace dresses and tops etc. Which is exactly what's going on here with the outfit. Keeping with the trend of short shorts and a ripped bottom like cut off from jeans, the hair is back-combed like beach waves effect with smoky eye shadow and classic hoops.
Items: (Starting with NON-VIP): Freckles - 450sc, 50s Beach Babe - 350sc, Dragon Cuts - 300sc, Fuuuurfect - 375sc.
VIP Items: Lady Lovely (hair) - 400sc, Denim Darling (shorts) - 400sc.
Overall with VIP Items: 1475sc.
VIP Items: 2275sc.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Spring/Summer outfits

♡So Lately it's been like 100 degrees outside, and so obviously I've been busy down by the beach and going to the cinema 

♡ User of the month: xXCuteXCookieXx

♡(I can't wait to see The Fault In Our Stars) so I've been too busy to update! 

♡ Item of the month: Birthday Dress, I really like how it goes with so many colours on the colour wheel, with the colour often contrasting the actual dress colour. Perfect!

♡Did anyone watch the eurovision last night It was so good! 

♡The Moustache song though :3

♡Follow me on Instagram: @imsuchanerdxp 

♡Here's a post now! You lucky ducks :3

Total party outfit, right? :D The light pastel colours work well with the dark purple suspenders and kiss mark. I think the whole outfit goes well, and the hair looks ultra cute and girly! The best thing is there is only one VIP item in this ENTIRE look and that's the hair!
Items: (Starting with NON-VIP) : Suspenders - 300sc, Beach Chick (top) - 350sc, Geometric Skirt - 500sc, Kiss Kiss - 300sc, Star Studs - 300sc.
VIP Item: Sweetheart Braid (hair) - 500sc.
Without VIP Items: 1450sc.
With VIP Items: 1950sc.

My absolutely favourite outfit I've created this Spring! The colours blend perfectly. Normally I don't like hair-in-face hairstyles, but I feel like this adds to the look. It's like a college/casual/prom look! The VIP items are only add-ons which is really useful if you like this look! (For the blue version, use the blue colour from the 5th on the bottom left, next to the bright pink colour)
Items: (Starting with NON-VIP Items): Kiss Kiss Bang (hair) - 500sc, Star Studs (earrings) - 300sc, Birthday Dress - 500sc, Fuuuurfect - 375sc.
VIP Items: Glitter Nylons - 350sc, Spring Flowers (head-band) - 250sc.
Without VIP Items: 1675sc.
With VIP Items: 2275sc.

I absolutely love this look, the blend with the different shades of purple and the streaks of pink in the hair-band and hair gives a nice appeal. Overall it's a non-VIP outfit, apart from the usual stuff. (I love the earrings!) Really compliments pale-orange skin tones quite well!
Items: (starting with NON-VIP): Riding Boots - 500sc, Fabulous Pearls (earrings) - 375, Sweet Winter Girl (dress) - 575sc, Glam Sleeves - 350.
VIP Items: Two of Hearts (hair-band) - 400sc, Pastel Curls - 600sc.
Without VIP Items: 1800sc.
With VIP items: 2800sc.
This looks like something a celebrity would wear, right? :D Everything is NON-VIP apart from the dress. the peachy-pink colours used really suits the contrasting bright blonde hair! If anything, a lighter skin-tone and brown eyes would really go well with this!
Items: (starting with NON-VIP): Freckles - 450sc, Zebra Sandals - 450sc, Mysterious Woman (hair) - 600sc, Bubblicious (gum) - 400sc.
VIP items: Structured Darlin' (dress) - 550sc.

Without VIP Items: 1900sc.
With VIP Items: 2450sc.

Sunday, 9 February 2014


Ⓗⓔⓨ ⓕⓔⓛⓛⓞⓦ ⓟⓔⓞⓟⓛⓔ! :)
Ⓘ'ⓜ ⓢⓞ ⓓⓐⓜⓝ ⓞⓑⓢⓔⓢⓢⓔⓓ ⓦⓘⓣⓗ Ⓢⓗⓔⓡⓛⓞⓒⓚ ⓐⓣ ⓣⓗⓔ ⓜⓞⓜⓔⓝⓣ hehe :B

✩Ⓐⓝⓨⓦⓐⓨ, ⓗⓔⓡⓔ'ⓢ Ⓕⓔⓑⓡⓤⓐⓡⓨ ⓛⓞⓞⓚⓢ! ✩

Item of the month: Heart Cheeks - 275sc
This really cute and sporty look is awesome if you want to have a jock-style look! Perfect for the hot sun but cold wind days at the moment!
Items: Starting with NON-VIP
: Freckles - 450sc, Diamond Choker - 50sc, Goldielocks (hair) - 600, Flower Princess (hairband) - 375sc
VIP items: Bubblegum - 300sc, Miss Cozy (clothes) - 600sc, super Soccer (shoes) - 450sc.
Total: 2825sc.

This Cinderella-inspired outfit is super cute and awesome if you're going to a blue-wedding or to someone's party!
Items: Starting with NON-VIP: Cowgirl Headband - 350sc, Freckles - 450sc, Face Glitter - 375, Thick Lashes - 500sc.
VIP Items: Curly Diva (hair) - 450sc, Ballerinas (shoes) - 375sc.
Rares: Dress - 500sc.
Total: 2500sc, since dress is unavailable to buy since it's a rare :)

This rain-coloured outfit is wild and stylish! Super amazing if you're going out or hanging out at the mall or shopping centre! :) Your friends will be blown away by your style!#
Items: Starting with NON-VIP : Turnaround Tail (hair) - 500sc, Freckles - 450sc, Fuuuurfect - 375sc.
VIP Items: Sheer Shirt - 400sc, Heart Cheeks - 275sc, Deerstalker Hat  - 375sc, Denim Darling - 400sc.
Total: 2775

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Water Trickling Down...❤

Hi people! I haven't posted in sooo long because we studying for GCSE options ahaaa... anyway on with today's post! Also the power keeps cutting because of the really bad weather 

So what did everyone think of the level booster? I'm now Level 16, but Ishacool is Level 71!!

I'm going to start doing Item of the Month !
 This months item:  Fuuuurfect - 375sc :) Total essential for cold weather like Uggs!

Yellow is totally in this season! Everyone's wearing it! ;) This totally cute Pikachu outfit will get any guys heart racing!♥ With only 2 VIP items you can buy this immediately! :D 
Items: Starting with NON-VIP: Spiderleg Lashes - 300sc, Fake Hearts Tattoo - 150sc, Fake Stars Tattoo - 150sc, Star Tattoo (on face)  - 300sc, Fuuuurfect - 375sc, Glam Sleeves - 350sc, Pry Pants - 450sc, Super Cute (top) - 400sc
VIP Items: Kawaii bunny (Hat/ Kawaii means cute :3) - 300sc, Tinted Bundles (hair) - 500sc.

Total: 3275sc

This aqua-marine style outfit is so cute for girls who wants to make a bold, but HOT statement! Blue and white colours matching :)
Items: Starting with NON-VIP: Freckles - 450, Thick Lashes - 500sc, Seashell Sandy (pants) - 375sc,  X-mas Party (necklace) - Platin Ringlets - 600sc, Marine Colored (bracelets) - 350sc,  Bow Earrings - 200sc.
VIP Items: coral Cutie (dress) - 550sc.
Total:  3875sc

This cutey girl outfit for gangstas is so cool (sorry the eyes are closed lol)This outfit has a couple of rares , I'm trying to cut back on  using rares in looks and if I do they're in commonly used colours btw (✿◠‿◠)
Items: Starting with NON-VIP: Bling Bow (top) - 350sc, Stars Fake Tattoo - 150sc, Freckles - 450sc, Princess Toes - 350sc, Heart Mole - 225sc
VIP Items; Lethal Leather (shorts) - 300sc, Rock Star Fever (hair) - 500sc
Total: 2775sc.

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee guys! 

Also btw, add me level 10+ ! :)Also, I love Totoro! LOL xD